Testing using the 8-Channel 4823 PicoScope

4823 8-Channel PicoScope

Eight channels facilitates testing of five, six and eight-cylinder engines. Trucks, earth-moving and agricultural vehicles often require a mix of electrical and hydraulic measurements on multiple valves simultaneously to diagnose problems with system interaction. The 4823 is ideal for full system diagnosis on components (including power, ground, signals, current) and general engine diagnostics where many signals need to be monitored simultaneously.

Have look at the specifications of the 4823 as well the PICO-PQ184 4823 8-Channel Professional Kit.

Video Presentation

Steve, Ben and Barney test quad-cams, immobilisers and hydraulic systems with the 4823 8-Channel PicoScope. They show you how to push PicoScope to the limits when it is combined with the PicoScope 4823 8-Channel Automotive Oscilloscope. Each video segment looks at a different, but complete, system test.

You will learn how to:

Running time: 1hr 11min.