What is PicoScope?

This series of articles answers the question: 'What is PicoScope?'. They introduce PicoScope and explain why it is indispensable in a modern workshop. Most workshops use some sort of scan tool but scan tools are limited. What happens if the ECU or CAN bus is faulty, can you rely on a fault code? What if the fault code can be as a result of many problems? Do you swap components until the problem goes away?

PicoScope Automotive: Open Your Eyes

Phil Rutt, an Automotive Support Engineer at Pico Technology, presents a short video giving an overview of PicoScope Automotive in action. Phil starts wth capturing a Cam & Crank signal, then uses the PicoScope 7 Automotive tools to analyse the collected waveform. While saving, zooming, measuring and sharing the waveform, Phil shows how to best use PicoScope to maximise your understanding of the captured data.

Running time: 9min 44s.

PicoScope 7 Automotive Diagnostic Software

Pico Technology has released its latest generation of automotive oscilloscope diagnostic software, PicoScope 7 Automotive. This release builds on extensive use by vehicle manufacturers and independent repairers to ensure that it's ready for everyday diagnostic use in workshops. It is available to download for free by automotive, heavy-duty and off-highway vehicle repairers worldwide.

Running time: 1min 52s.

The Stable Version ( of PicoScope 7 for Windows is required for this course. You can download it here: If you have already installed the latest Stable Version, you will need to uninstall it first.
We apologise for the inconvenience.

Download the Free Software

Please note that you don't need a PicoScope to examine and process the sample waveforms. Just download the free PicoScope Automotive Software and follow along. Obviously, you will not be able to connect to a vehicle without a scope, but you will be able to load the Guided Tests, examine the sample waveforms and process them using the maths channels and filters.

The tests that follow are the 'Top-10 Tests' but they have been enhanced with lots of background information and extra material, which is designed to train you to make the best use of the PicoScope 7 software.

Use the download on the right to follow along on this site. The latest software is available from Pico's automotive website: Software Download.

And please don't forget to download our brochure.

Find the answer to the question: "What is PicoScope?" by starting on your Diagnostic Journey.

The image shows a 4425A 4-Channel PicoScope being used to measure current on all three phases of a hybrid electric vehicle. PicoScope works on any vehicle, even EVs. See our special EV Kit, which is available now.

PicoScope being
      used with a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV)

Click next to watch a video animation that helps you understand how your PicoScope fits into the diagnostic process.