PicoScope Case Studies

PicoScope being applied to real workshop situations. These videos cover direct petrol injection, the CAN bus, a faulty crank sensor, Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging, NVH finding a knocking noise in the Time Domain and using PicoLog for parasitic drain testing.

Ford Fiesta Case Study

Steve Smith diagnoses a fault on a Ford Fiesta with direct petrol injection, using non-intrusive techniques.

Running Time 23 min 13 sec.

Ford Focus CAN Network Case Study

Steve takes a Deep-Dive into a Ford Focus CAN Network fault and the symptoms that arise from what proves to be a connection fault.

Running Time 48 min 20 sec.

Vauxhall Corsa No Start with No Fault Codes when Warm

The classic saying of nothing is easy could not be more true with intermittent faults. Ben Martins takes a look at a 2006 Vauxhall Corsa, which would cut out and not start and then suddenly be fine again! No fault codes meant using Pico to capture a few common signals to see if we can capture the fault and then get some direction.

Interesting features such as probe-mismatch, reference waveforms and resistance measurement are presented.

Running Time 13 min 8 sec.

NVH - Knock, Knock, What's that noise?

In this video, Steve Smith investigates a knocking noise, with the help of multiple accelerometers and our NVH software. He uses multiple accelerometers in the time domain to accurately isolate the source of the noise.

Data Logging for Automotive and Heavy Vehicles - Parasitic Drain

Using PicoLog with your PicoScope for Parasitic Drain Testing. How to set up PicoLog with your 4425A PicoScope, using a test lead to measure battery voltage, a current clamp, a 0.1 ohm resistor shunt and a PicoBNC+ temperature sensor.

You can download PicoLog software from Pico Auto Downloads. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

you can capture your data locally (on your PC) or set up a cloud capture. PicoLog also supports more than one scope at a time so you can monitor more than 4 channels at a time.